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One day...Day One!

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One Day...Day One! Dreams of economic equity...

Remember when you were little and you thought, "One day I want to be a _________!" Remember a decade ago when you thought, "One day I want to do ___________!" Remember a year ago, a week ago, a day ago when you had that spark, that connection to who you are and how you want to show up in this world? Then, one day you took action. You made a plan, even just to talk to others about your spark. Day one started then. And it starts over and over again as you/we take one more step towards making those sparks catch fire.

echo - a nonprofit entrepreneurial support organization - is dedicated to building a community of entrepreneurs supporting entrepreneurs. With three programs of training, workshops, community and shared resources, we encourage continued learning, accountability, and collaboration by operating from a user-centered model. Our community of adult, teen, and family founders have a seat at the table - working closely with echo's leadership team to develop new program offerings, creative ways to collaborate, and innovative opportunities to grow the entrepreneurial support community.

Our mission is to transform lives through entrepreneurship with a focus on current and future founders from historically under-resourced communities.